Monday, May 25, 2009

Real Life, Or: Where I've Been

Wow. The past few weeks have been... crazy.

A couple of months ago, my mom had hip replacement surgery on one hip. They thought it was going really well and that her recovery wouldn't take too long at all (her knee replacement surgery several years ago saw her recover in record time). But just a few days into her rehab, the replacement hip came loose. They went in and re-screwed it on with longer and more screws. During that rehab - it went bad and she got a bad infection. They had to take that hip out and put in a temporary place-holder made out of glue and antibiotics, that would stay in for 6 weeks (she's about half-way through that now and needs lots of prayer). During all this, my dad became very distraught. He just doesn't know what to do with himself without my mom home. He's afraid to drive without her there. My oldest sister is taking him out most days to visit my mom (because she works at the place where my mom is staying for her rehab) and she has her kids take him home sometimes. I run him out there sometimes too. I've taken him food, and arranged for Meals on Wheels to deliver him food. My mom's brother has also taken him some food. He needs prayer too.

After my mom is finished with this rehab period - they'll try to put in another hip - but not a normal hip because the bones wont support that. Then she'll have more rehab. And eventually she'll need the other hip replaced and hopefully that won't be as bad.

A few weeks ago one weekend we decided to remodel the bathroom and Alexander made an trip to the emergency room with pneumonia. He had been complaining off and on for about a week about his chest hurting. But it was kinda like "my chest hurts" and off he goes bouncing off the walls again. Then Friday of that weekend he said it was really bad, so we took him to his doctor. They couldn't find anything but ordered chest x-rays just in case. Those didn't show anything either so they attributed it to gas or acid reflux. Then that Sunday while we were remodeling our bathroom he was really complaining of chest pains. They were so bad that if even he tried to laugh, he'd cry. Needless to say, Rubi took him to the ER. And was there for about 6 hours where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. It wasn't bad, but it was in a spot where it rubbed right up against the pain nerves on his heart. They caught it soon enough because of the pain that it wasn't really bad and cleared up after about three days of antibiotics and breathing treatments (but he still had to finish out the treatments).

The bathroom remodeling we'd hoped would only take a few hours. It ended up taking several hours the first day and most of a 2nd day. And we still have to finish up the painting, but there's no real hurry on that bcause at least it's usuable now. Rubi's dad did most of the work ('cause he's good at that kind of thing) and I just kind of assisted ('cause I'm not good a that kind of thing). Since the project lasted more than a day, we ended up staying at Rubi's parents' house overnight because her parents are cool that way.

After that, Rubi's mom came over one day and they spent the day doing a massive spring-cleaning project, mostly on the girls' room. Then a few days after that, last Friday, Rubi's mom came over again and did a massive spring cleaning on our nasty detached garage - which has never been finished and is just used for storage. She made it usable for more storage. It's nice! I can't believe she put all that effort into it.

Plus, I've been focusing more on posting at my Book Review Blog and wasting time on Facebook.

All that, and work too.

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