Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glad this week is over!

While Elizabeth was off at camp this week, Rubi's parents offered to help us remodel the room she and Catherine share. We planned it as a surprise for Elizabeth. She didn't know anything about it.

I've included some pictures taken during the past week.

First off - you can see why we decided to remodel:


We found some sticks in our driveway and thought they might be useful.

Rubi decided to nail them to the floor.

So I locked her in a closet, but she tore her way out.

The little kids helped her escape.

And they put me to work.

But I tried to escape through the ceiling.

They found me though.

And put both me and Rubi to work.

Rubi's dad tried to get away too, but Alexander stopped him.

Rubi didn't want to help, so they punished her.

Finally! The room was finished!

At least, I think that's how the week went.

It has been a long but industrious week. Rubi and I both are sore and tired, as are her parents. And the kids are finally settling back in after having the house in a major mess for a week.

When Lizzy got home yesterday afternoon from camp, the family surprised her with a sideways video!
(I was at work though).

Our next project is Alexander's room!

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