Friday, August 06, 2010

Wha-huh? Summer endeth.

Since when did summer end in the middle of August?! 

The kids go back to school Wednesday! Monday night is Back-to-School night for the kiddos. They get to go meet their new teachers, learn the classroom rules, the parents get to fill out reams of paperwork and volunteer for activities during the school year.


I like having leisurely mornings with my kids during the summer, but I’ll be glad for them to get back to a more structured environment. Rubi and I are easy on them.  Plus when they’re in school, Rubi and I get a little more free time to ourselves without worrying about leaving alone at home. We’ll start having weekly-ish dates again away from home, maybe find some time to make a podcast together.


And our gas budget will sky-rocket again. Driving to and fro: taking the kids to and from school daily, to sports practices and events, extra trips to school to pick up Lizzy from after-school clubs, etc.  We maybe fill the van twice a month during the summer.  During the school year, we probably fill the van at least once a week. 


Back to school time! Whee!





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