Sunday, May 08, 2011

Ten Things I've Done That You Might Not Have

Yeah… I totally stole the idea for this post. But hey, since it’s been forever since I posted anything real here, I thought I’d give it a shot.


Now, I haven’t had dinner with celebrities or played Lawn Darts with the Pope or anything like that, but here’s a list – in no particular order:


10: Attended a private Christian School for 9 years, through 8th grade, then went to a public high school.

9: Been interviewed on TV numerous times throughout my life: at least a couple of times when I was in grade school, once in high school, and several times at my current job.

8: Drove a Sno-Cone Trolley for a summer job.

7: Talked on the phone to drunks, victims of domestic violence, and a suicidal person, all in the same day.

6: Stood in a room with live GB and VX nerve agents exposed to the air.

5: Frequently tell police officers where to go, and are often thanked by them for it.

4: Dropped my baby daughter on her head onto a concrete floor (by accident). She’s fine (and she’s 9 years old now). No, I didn’t do it on purpose.

3: Attended a Christian Thrash Metal concert performed by a band called One Bad Pig.

2: Had a recording of one of my phone calls played on the nightly news.

1: Married my wife. Y’all git, this one is mine. (I stole that line, but it’s a good one!)


You might have done some of these. If so, comment below! If not, tell me some things you’ve done that I probably haven’t – but keep it clean!






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