Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Great Escape 2011

As I pulled into the driveway after taking the kids to school this morning, I saw an orange tabby cat back by our garage looking rather startled. I thought to myself that cat sure looks like Miss Kitty (our orange tabby), but there are so many strays in our neighborhood it’s not unusual to see a cat hanging around our yard. As I got out of the van, I noticed our front door was standing wide open, and our other cat, Bunny, was stooped on the porch just outside the door and her eyes were the size of dinner plates.


Both our cats are inside-only cats.


I managed to grab Bunny and toss her back in the house. When I went back out, Miss Kitty Fantastico was perched in the flower bed just outside the door. I tried to grab her, but I think she thought she was in big trouble, because she kept avoiding me. She didn’t bolt, or run, she just did that thing cats (and very young children) can do where they rearrange their bodies so you can’t grab a hold of them. She did that several times and went back around the house towards the garage.


I went back in and called for Rubi to come help me get her. As I went back out, Miss Kitty was in the flower bed again standing up on her hind paws looking into the window she usually spends most of her day looking out. She tried to get away again. Rubi used some ham to entice her closer to the door and I managed to grab the cat and take her in and close the door.


Both cats then spent several minutes freaking out and running back and forth inside the house. I don’t know what that was about. Miss Kitty must have still thought she was in trouble, because she was still avoiding me.  Eventually, they both calmed down.


I believe the last kid out of the house on the way to school this morning neglected to pull the door shut all the way. She shall be lectured.




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