Monday, March 11, 2013

Couple's Cruise! To Mars!

Some millionaire is suggesting NASA send a married pair of astronauts on a roundtrip flyby of Mars 5 years from now. First off... if you're going to send people that far out, you might as well land them, otherwise it's just a Sunday drive. Sure, a Sunday drive that lasts over 2 years, but still...

But what if Rubi and I were the married couple taking this trip? Five hundred days alone together in a very small space, with no sunlight for Rubi to bask in. Our youngest daughter would only be 16 years old, and we've already traumatized her enough... leaving her at that age for almost 2 years would just be awful, or maybe as a teenager she'd love it - or we would! Who knows.

Here's how I see most of the days going on the trip: I spend most of my time reading, napping, and longing for pizza. Rubi spends most of her time reading and tweeting to her fans.

So pretty much like most days around here anyway - only without our kids, cats, jobs, etc.

We'll be married for 25 years in 2018, so it could be a second honeymoon for us. A honeymars? I'm not sure how Rubi would feel about that.

Everyone should write the company in support of me and Rubi being their honeymarsers!


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