Thursday, November 25, 2004

100 Things I Am Thankful For Today

Happy Thanksgiving!


Here is my Top 100 Things I am Thankful For (in no particular order).

(I guess that should be: "The Top 100 Things For Which I am Thankful".)


1.                  My dear wife Rubi.

2.                  My oldest daughter Elizabeth.

3.                  My son Alexander.

4.                  My youngest daughter Catherine.

5.                  My extended family.

6.                  Rubi's Family.

7.                  That I have a job I enjoy.

8.                   That I have a meaningful job, as opposed to some mindless, pointless job.

9.                  That I'm a citizen of the United States of America.

10.             That George Bush won.

11.             That I have the freedom to pray in public, go to church, worship as I see fit, have a Bible study in my own home, etc.

12.             That my kids are healthy.

13.             That I'm relatively healthy.

14.             That Rubi is relatively healthy.

15.             That I have a job (whether or not I enjoy it).

16.             I'm thankful I have a place to live.

17.             For email.

18.             For blogs.

19.             The internet.

20.             I'm thankful that God loves us.

21.             I am thankful for pizza.

22.             And donuts.

23.             I'm thankful I work 2nd shift.

24.             That we have food to eat.

25.             For insurance.

26.             I'm thankful I don't live in Florida.

27.             Naps

28.             Dishwashing machines.

29.             I'm thankful I'm not a turkey today.

30.             Comedians

31.             Having "a peace that passes understanding".

32.             My kids' teachers.

33.             Comp time.

34.             Overtime.

35.             Vacation time.

36.             Personal Days.

37.             Libraries.

38.             Bloggers.

39.             Trees.

40.             Cable TV.

41.             Things that bring by family together.

42.             Drycleaning businesses that do alterations/repairs.

43.             Short commutes.

44.             Creation Scientists.

45.             Ritter's Frozen Custard.

46.             Dairy Queen Ice Cream.

47.             I am thankful that we live in a country where I can freely discuss my conservative views and someone else can freely discuss their liberal views, and even though we disagree (perhaps passionately disagree), we can still get along because we're both Americans.

48.             Gmail

49.             I am thankful that none of my kids have eaten superglue.

50.             Having Thanksgiving Dinner somewhere other than my house.

51.             Having the Family Christmas somewhere other than my house.

52.             Having any family get-together somewhere other than my house.

53.             I am thankful that Catherine is perfect even though I accidentally dropped her on head when she was an infant.

54.             I am thankful I'm not any good at PC games.

55.             I am thankful we have two family vehicles.

56.             Barnes & Noble gift cards.

57.             I am thankful that I don't smoke.

58.             That I don't drink.

59.             I am thankful Rubi doesn't smoke.

60.             I am thankful Rubi doesn't drink.

61.             I am thankful my job doesn't put me in harms way.

62.             I am thankful there are people brave enough to do those jobs putting themselves in harms way to protect me and my family, my city, and my country.

63.             I am thankful Rubi shares my sense of humor.

64.             I am thankful I've never been pepper-sprayed.

65.             Or arrested for that matter.

66.             I am thankful I have a job with enough down-time to write this list.

67.             I am thankful for alarm clocks, even though I hate the need for them.

68.             I am thankful I don't have any tattoos.

69.             I am thankful that I'm not traveling this holiday season.

70.             I am thankful for free magazine subscriptions.

71.             Good books.

72.             Hobbies.

73.             People who care about me.

74.             People I care about.

75.             Remembering to zip my pants.

76.             My co-workers.

77.             That I know a bit about computers and technology.

78.             That I can use that knowledge to help other people.

79.             That I rarely use that knowledge to get in trouble (anymore).

80.             I am thankful that we don't do EMD.

81.             I am thankful for a broadband internet connection at home.

82.             Caller ID.

83.             Photographs of my wedding.

84.             Photographs of my kids and family.

85.             Scrapbooks my wife makes.

86.             I am thankful that I don't have to travel that often.

87.             I am thankful that I'm happily married.

88.             That I've never been involved in a serious car crash.

89.             That I don't have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner.

90.             I'm thankful that most of my extended family lives nearby.

91.             That my allergies aren't worse than they are.

92.             I'm thankful we don't have any pets right now.

93.             I'm thankful both of my parents are still living.

94.             That Rubi and I had a few years together as a couple sans children.

95.             That Rubi is smarter than I am.

96.             That my kids got their looks from Rubi and not from me.

97.             I am thankful for plain cheesecake.

98.             WYSIWYG editors.

99.             I am thankful that I'm not sick right now.

100.         Caffeine.



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