Monday, December 27, 2004

Sunday Brunch 12/26/04 (a day late)

I didn't get to post yesterday at all (computer was down), so here's the SundayBrunch on Monday:
"An income tax form is like a laundry list -- either way you lose your shirt." -Fred Allen

1) Do you use fabric softener or softener sheets? Sheets
2) Do you dry clean clothes on a regular basis? Nope.
3) Do you do laundry as it piles up or do you wait until you are out of clean clothes? A little of both.
4) Do you use a clean towel every day for your shower or use the same one throughout the week? Clean towel every other shower or so. Definitely not the same towel throughout the week.
5) Who does the laundry in your household? Rubi and I both. I like to do the sorting, washing, and drying - but I hate to do the folding and putting away. Unless Rubi and I both are doing that together. Lately it's been working out that one of us will do some washing and drying, then the other will fold it and put it away. We make Elizabeth put away the kids clothes.

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