Sunday, January 02, 2005

I'm here, I'm here!

[Dashes in, waving frantically] Sorry, sorry. Yes, I'm alive, just insanely busy. And would you look at that. So many things happening here, and Kev hasn't mentioned a one.

Did you see the news? Because we were on it. We live in Evansville, and got clobbered by a history making snowstorm. Newsguys said we haven't had this much snow since 197...8? 6? Mid 70s, anyway. The PTB declared a state of emergency, everything closed, blah blah. We managed to dig out enough to travel around town to our respective parent's homes for Christmas day, although the trip out to my parents house was a bit iffy.

After all that, we came home and went to bed. To be awakened at 2AM by a persistent, nearby dripping. Looks like our house didn't weather the storm very well. What I like to refer to as "oodles and s&%tloads" of snow came in under the eaves somehow, and started melting as soon as it warmed up enough. It melted through the attic insulation and down inside our walls. And did nasty, brown, sagging, drippy damage to a large portion of our bedroom ceiling. And the playroom, kitchen, and laundry room. (Room? Not so much. Alcove? Maybe. Anyway.) Most of the gutters outside are also ruined, thanks to the weight of the ice that filled them. Thank the good Lord for homeowners insurance. The contractor and claims adjustor have already been here, in preparation for a parade of various workers who will rip out the wall, ceiling, and carpeting in our bedroom, and do lesser repairs on the other damaged parts of ceiling. Whee.

Had the best NYE in years, as it was spent with my darling husband. Normally on that night, I'm lying alone in bed at midnight listening to the neighbors fire rifles into the air while Kev is at work fielding frantic 911 calls from people reporting gunfire in their area. This year was spent with good friends, amazing food, fun board games, and champagne and kisses at midnight. Ahh, bliss.

Off I go again, to count down the minutes until said darling husband comes home.

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