Sunday, January 16, 2005


Five days off in a row!!
I took off Tuesday for my mom-in-law's birthday.
Wednesday and Thursday were my regular days off.
I took off Friday so Rubi could go to a concert with her mom and sisters.
And I took off Saturday so Rubi could go to her monthly "crop" (read: 9-hour scrapbooking party).

Today is my first day back to work. It's been uneventful so far.

In fact, everything "interesting", happened while I was off work.

-A supervisor and dispatcher had an "incident". Both have suspensions pending.
-I found out a dear friend of mine from college (though I only talk to him about once a year since he's lives out of town) is dying and has been given two weeks (!?!) to live.

I spent much of Friday making contact with old college friends to pass along that info and start a notification chain for people I don't have contact information for anymore.

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