Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Brunch for February 27, 2005

"Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch." -Orson Welles
Or, "...ask what your country can do for lunch." --Kev

1) Do you take your lunch hour at work? Have to. I work 8 hours at a 9-1-1 center and we're not guaranteed a lunch break. We eat at our consoles.

2) What is your favorite place to eat lunch at? My console. Oh, you mean a restaurant. I usually bring sandwich. If we do eat out as a group, it's usually fast-food. Subway is good.

3) What do you usually eat for lunch? Oops. Answered that. A sandwich from home.

4) Do you have anyone that you eat lunch with on a regular basis? Everyone in the room. But we're all at different consoles, and if we don't send someone to bring in fast food, we usually eat at different times. The phone has to be answered and the radio traffic has to be handled, so sometimes our lunches sit and get cold while we do our job.

5) If not eating, what do you usually do on your lunch hour? See above. Answering phones, handling 9-1-1 calls and other telephone calls, and any other problems that creep up as the day progresses.

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