Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bee stings and skinned knees and splinters, oh my.

I put out the Slip N Slide Elizabeth got for her birthday for the first time today. Got it set up, got the kiddos going on it, and slipped inside to do some more laundry. Within fifteen minutes, Alexander had stepped on a bee. He was howling his head off. I got the stinger out, put a cold cloth on it, and gave him some children's ibuprofin. I settled him on the sofa, where he lay there moaning for a whole five minutes. Then he was up and back outside with the girls. He's a tough little guy.

I figured they were doing okay, so I snuck back in for more housework. Five minutes later, Elizabeth was hollering at me from the back door. Catherine had tripped and skinned her knee.

Just a little while ago, Elizabeth came to me. Her foot was hurting. So I checked it out, and extracted a splinter from the bottom of her foot with relatively little fuss. Looks like I'll be investing in three pairs of those slip on pool shoe thingies.

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