Monday, May 09, 2005

Tales from the (yard workin') mom side

Whew. Kev and I got our yard work on today. RL has been so frantic that there's just never been time. But it was nice and cool this morning, with promises of rain by noon, so off we went. While Kev mowed and weedwhacked the front and back yard, I broke out the shovel and wheelbarrow. Last month we had someone take down the huge Bradford Pear tree in our front yard, and grind the stump. The resulting mountain of mulch has just been festering in our front yard since then. It's now mulching my garden, and a long strip between our driveway and the privacy fence.
Sooo...Seven or eight wheelbarrow loads later, the front yard is clear of mulch and my hands are all ouchy. I then got my garden out. Finally. Well, all the things that are currently plants. The seeds: sugar snap peas, zucchini, and green beans, will be planted in containers tonight. I'll transplant them to the garden once they're a couple of inches tall.

While I was doing that, Kev seeded the front lawn. I gave it a nice meal of Weed & Feed about an hour ago, and a good watering. Since the promised rain never did arrive.

More fun tomorrow. Kev needs to cover the freshly seeded yard with hay, and I need to make a run to my friend's house. She's sharing some of her baby yarrow plants with me to put along the privacy fence.

I'm tired and feel all grungy, even AFTER a shower, but it feels awfully good to get all of that stuff done. Whew.

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