Thursday, June 09, 2005

Book Review: The World of Eldaterra

I signed up awhile back on the HarperCollins First Look website. And as a result, so far they've sent me three books to review. Cool!

The first book they sent me was
, which was excellent.

The second book they sent me was
The Saint of Dragons
The Saint of Dragons which was a good book!

The third book they sent me, just last week, is called "The world of Eldaterra: The Dragon Conspiracy" by P.R. Moredun (which isn't even available to buy yet!).

Here's the review I posted on their website.

The World Of Eldaterra is an excellent read! I eagerly await the next book in the series! Set in 1910 with flashbacks to 1895, the book brings readers to the British Empire, then through illusive fortune-telling gates into the world of Eldaterra.

The story is exciting and intriguing. There's action, magic, fantasy races likes dwarves and olorcs and freaky spider-things, swords, guns, battleships, and dragons. And a fight between a battleship and a crazed female dragon that is extremely well played! My only complaint is that the dragons are one of the antagonists. I like dragons and I want good dragons! That said though, the dragons here are deliciously evil.

And you can't go wrong with a talking bear and a talking wolf-hound as companions to the hero.

Throw in the British Intelligence Service, some marauding Germans, a conclave of good wizards, a hot elf chick, an elf-spy working in the British government, a sad yet heroic death, and a hint of future conflict with Nazis - among many other things - and you've got a can't-put-it-down all-nighter. I got my copy about two o'clock in the afternoon and had it finished by nine the same evening.

Another thing I liked is how the author doesn't bash the reader over the head with evolutionary anvils; instead, mentioning Creation (yes, capitalized), and how the world was created about 15,000 years ago; all creatures were created with certain gifts, and man had dominion over them. That is very refreshing in main-stream fiction. It's nice to see this kind of book coming out of a mass-market publishing house, and not a faith-based publishing house.

Though this book is being marketed towards the teen-aged reader, any fan of fantasy, action/adventure, or science fiction should enjoy it.

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