Tuesday, June 14, 2005

International Webloggers Day 2005

To celebrate, webloggers blog about blogging!

1) Why did you start blogging, how long have you been doing so, and why have you continued?
Well, to be honest, I started blogging to jump on the bandwagon. I first heard about blogging and blogger back in 2003 and created 2 or 3 different blogger accounts at different times on different whims, but never used them. Until late last year; I was trying to come up with a convenient (read: free) way to update my family website on the free space provided my ISP without completely recreating everything in frontpage for each edit and then ftp-ing it to the webspace. But I couldn't run any kind of CMS or database on that webspace... enter blogger. I've continued because it's kinda fun, kinda therapeutic, I've got Rubi involved, and I like to interact with other bloggers. And who doesn't like a little (or a lot of) shameless self-promotion!

2) Do you think webloggers have a lot of power? If so, what, and how can it be harnessed?
Sure bloggers have a lot of power: power to waste time! (ha-ha!) Communities of like-minded bloggers can spread the word on their point of view, and so can invididual bloggers. I've seen conservative blogs mentioned in liberal blogs, and vice-versa. I've seen secular blogs mentioned in faith-based blogs, and vice-versa. Blogging encourages discourse, conversation, and sometimes thinking. Harnessing the power of bloggers would create the ultimate weapon in the universe, and I suggest we use it... Actually, I'm not sure how to harness the power of bloggers; blogrolling is one way, blog directories another. I'm sure there are better ways, but I haven't seen them and I'm not smart enough to create one.

3) Why do you think weblogging has become so popular?
It's free (if you go with one of the free set-ups), it's ridiculously easy (with the basic services), and as I mentioned before, it's fun and therapeutic. Plus, who doesn't like some shameless self-promotion (or promotion of my adorable kids)!

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