Thursday, June 16, 2005


Found this one at Tales From The Dorkside.

TEN Words you love to say:
I love you Rubi. I love my kids. Feed me.

NINE Guiltiest pleasures:
Cable internet, cable TV, buying books, buying comic books, eating out, screening calls with caller ID, using the internet at work, staying up late to finish a book, eating the same thing for breakfast that I give my kids.

EIGHT Favorite items to wear (clothes or otherwise):
Any jeans, any clean t-shirts, my charcoal gray sweat pants (to sleep in), my Star Wars Weekends 2004 baseball cap, my black Dickie work socks, my wedding ring, my Gerber multi-tool on my belt.

SEVEN Sexiest celebrities:
Only seven?!? In no particular order: Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Alba, Teryl Rothery, Dina Meyer, Alyson Hannigan, Keira Knightley.

SIX Most irritating celebrities:
Only six? Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel, Ben Stiller, Tom Green, Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher.

FIVE Favorite things about summertime:
Less traffic around schools.
More time with my kids.
Fun stuff to do even though it's ridiculously hot outside.
Evansville's Freedom Festival, air conditioning.

FOUR Books you've read most recently:
Map of Bones by James Rollins
The World of Elda Terra by P.R. Moredun
Searching for the Ark of the Covenant by Randall Price
Dance of Death by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

THREE Words you've been meaning to look up (and their meanings, if you're ambitious):
I can't remember the last time I looked up the meaning of a word. Not that I'm just that smart, it's more that I'm too lazy to do so.

TWO Funniest gifts you've been given:
A Spatula. My best friend from my radio days gave me a spatula one Christmas. We had recently watched Weird Al's "UHF" in which there is a parody commercial for Spatula City! and one line in the spot says "...and they make great Christmas presents." When he gave it to me, I had no idea what it was about - he had to explain it. I carried that spatula around with me, and it came in handy occasionally. Spatula's make great windshield ice scrapers.

ONE thing you both fear and find wildly intriguing:

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