Saturday, June 18, 2005


Good day so far.
Slept in till about 8:15.
Got up.
Skipped breakfast (unless you count an allergy pill and vitamin as breakfast).
Mowed the lawn.
Twice. (It was really high).

After the yard work; I got cleaned up, got the little kids cleaned up and Rubi, the kids, and I went running errands. We left about 11:30.

We had to get our dads something for Father's Day, and Rubi had to pick up some adhesive for her scrapbooking. We got home a little after 1 p.m. and Rubi left immediately to go to her 9-hour scrapbooking party. A bunch of girls get together in a church basement and scrapbook, eat, and chat from 1 p.m to 10 p.m. once a month. Rubi loves it! And I'm glad she gets to get out of the house away from me and the kids for awhile apart from going to work. She can use the break.

After she left, I took a brief nap and hung out for a bit snuggling with the kids while they watched PBS Kids. Then Rubi called and asked me to bring her something at her scrapbook party. One of the girls there had ordered Girl Scout cookies way back when, but Rubi and her had never hooked up since then. She was finally at the scrapbook party again and wanted her cookies. The kids and I ran those out to her, and then stopped at Super-duper Wally-World to pick up Father's Day cards for our dads, and cards for our dads from the kids ("Happy Father's Day Grandpa!" cards). I also got some tortilla chips to have tonight with the nacho cheese dip I had sitting here staring me in the face and nothing to dip in it.
And an RC cola.

We stopped on the way home and grabbed Taco Bell take out. Elizabeth nibbled on a soft shell taco ("it has salad on it!"). Alexander ate three tacos over the course of about 2 hours. Catherine ate almost all of her taco - well at least the insides. She nibbled on the shell.

My cable modem was acting all wonky so I had to let the computer be for a bit while I unplugged everything from the cable modem and came back a few minutes and plugged it all back in.
It started working (obviously).

Then Elizabeth took a bath and the kids changed into PJs and watched some more PBS Kids.
They've just finished signing and decorating the Father's Day cards for their Granddads, and I'm getting ready to put them to bed. Yes, my two younger kids actually go to bed this early. Of course - they all get up ridiculously early - When the sun comes up or about 5:30 a.m. whichever comes first.

Tonight, after all the kids are in bed, I'll watch some sci-fi TV and have some chips and dip. I drank the RC with the Taco Bell.

I'm trying to think of a way to go see Star Wars Episode III tomorrow so I can get one of those free posters of Darth Vader reaching out with the caption "Who's your Daddy?"

Happy Father's Day Eve to all fathers! Tomorrow's agenda for my family includes going to my parent's house for cake and ice cream, and Rubi's parent's house for a cook-out.
Not necessarily in that order.

And maybe the aforementioned Star Wars movie for a free poster (but I doubt it).

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