Monday, June 20, 2005

Manic Monday

Father's Day was great.
Slept in.
Skipped breakfast.
Went to my parents' house for cake and ice cream and visited for a bit.
Then went to Rubi's parents' house for a cook-out. Had cheeseburgers, chips, corn-on-the-cob, cherry-cheesecake. Then we hung out and visited for awhile. Watched the kids be kids outside. Run around like, well, kids. Their favorite thing at my in-law's house is their new outside water pond thingy with a pump that makes the water flow out of a fake hand-crank water pump. My kids just sit around that thing splashing, and stirring the water with sticks, and sticking toys under the water. We spend all this money on toys, and they play with a glorified bucket of water... sheesh.

Listening to the radio now, the DJs keep calling it a manic Monday, because in the Evansville Metro area there are like 5-6 BIG traffic accidents blocking traffic on all the major arteries through the area. We maybe have one big accident at a time, and only rarely does it cause a major road to be closed - maybe three or four times a year do we have to really close down a highway or local street.

And on my list of things to get done before I have to go to work. I have to add a second coat of paint to the ceiling in our bedroom, run to the store, to the dry-cleaners... I may not get morning nap in!!

Whatever will I do if I don't get my morning nap in??
(that's sarcasm - I'll live without my morning nap)

Behold: the power of caffeine!

Oh - now the DJs on the radio are calling it "Traffic Armageddon" and just had a report of 300 bicyclists on another major street holding up traffic... and then the radio guy said "It's like a Mel Brooks movie!"

Glad I'm not at work!!

I should probably go take the Batman mask off of Alexander start the round of morning baths.

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