Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mini Book Review - Beneath The Ice

I finished reading Alton Gansky's Beneath the Ice last night.

It's a Christian action/adventure/suspense novel. The blurb is below.
I enjoyed reading it. Kind of like a Clive Cussler novel, but without the womanizing and drinking.
The thing beneath the ice wasn't quite what I expected, but it worked.
I expected something antediluvian, but that's not what we got. Which was both disappointing and refreshing. Many of the Christian novels I've read with this type of plot-line usually come up with something pre-flood, which is really why I enjoy them. But this book didn't go there, it went a different direction and, for the most part, worked for me.

If you want a Christian action/adventure/suspense/thriller - try this one. I'm going to pick up the first Perry Sachs novel soon. It sounds good. I'll put that blurb after the one for Beneath the Ice.

06747: Beneath the Ice, Perry Sachs Series #2Beneath the Ice, Perry Sachs Series #2

By Alton Gansky / Barbour Publishing

Shrouded in darkness three miles beneath the Antarctic ice lies a mysterious object. Famed engineer Perry Sachs and his crew are determined to bring that secret to light, even though it means an impossibly difficult excavation. If they succeed, they'll change the way people see the world---and their faith---forever. A smart suspense thriller! 352 pages, softcover from Barbour.

06706: A Treasure Deep, Perry Sachs Series #1A Treasure Deep, Perry Sachs Series #1

By Alton Gansky / Barbour Publishing

Treasure-unbelievable, historic, and dangerous-awaits Perry Sachs. The famous engineer knows the treasure is buried just outside Tejon, California. And he knows that whoever buried the booty years before rigged it with enough booby traps to send would-be fortune hunters into early retirement-or the grave. But Perry is no mere fortune hunter. He and his team of workers from Sachs Engineering tackle the task with vision and faith. The greatest challenge is not simply outwitting the traps that keep the treasure out of reach-it's surviving the increasingly desperate attempts of a modern-day murderer. Someone with power, money, and mysterious incentive doesn't want Perry to succeed. The treasure is there, but much more is at stake: Something that will change the world-and could cost Perry his life.

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