Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Brunch for June 26, 2005 His and Hers Edition!

Today's Sunday Brunch
His and Hers Edition!

"This thing called love, I just can't handle it-This thing called love,
I must get round to it-I ain't ready...Crazy little thing called love!"
-Freddie Mercury

1) Are you currently married or involved with a significant other? Give specifics and length of time that you have been with that person.
Kev answers: I've been married to Rubi for 11 years. We celebrated our 11th anniversary in May of this year.
Rubi answers: Same as Kev!

2) Where did you meet your significant other?
Kev: I first met Rubi at the high school radio station where I went to high school. She was taking the radio class her senior year in high school, which I had done the year before. I was now a freshman in college and was there to speak to the class about a career in radio and to run the board for a college basketball game that afternoon.
Rubi stayed after school for a bit and I swear she was flirting with me! I was in the control room on the air deejaying a show before the game started and she was out in the classroom bouncing around and throwing a koosh-ball at the window of the DJ booth. All-in-all being about as cute as can be!
Later, I mentioned to my best friend at the time something about Rubi flirting with me. He told me I should ask her out, but that he had noticed a rather large engagement ring on her finger.
I ran into her again probably a few months later at Wal-Mart and gave her my card and told her if she was interested in working at the college radio station to give me a call (when I had absolutely no authority to do so, but I the program director and I were friends, so I figured I could pull some strings).
A few months after that, the college radio station needed some weekend people, and I remembered Rubi mentioning she wanted to be in radio and would be attending USI. I called up the high school radio station teacher and got her telephone number and called her and offered her a job.
She wasn't attending USI at the time, but said she start taking classes again if it meant she could work at the radio station. I also found out she was no longer engaged.
And the rest, as they say, is history.
Rubi: My version of the same story. Yup, that was an engagement ring on my finger. Eep, I was 17. WHAT was I thinking? I sure dodged a bullet not marrying that guy. Whew. Anyway, Kev and his friend were both cuties, and I loved their sense of humor. And I was quite the little flirt in my teens. So yeah, a little harmless flirting, and I thank God every day I did! So like Kev said, we bumped into one another at Wal Mart. Kev just arriving, and me heading for the checkout with my basket hygiene products. I nearly died. Gah, how humiliating for a teenage girl. When he called later, I was actually enrolled at USI, preparing to start my freshman year. So off to the radio station I went. Kev and I had so much in common: rampant geekiness, an off sense of humor, and a communications major, that we continued to hit it off beautifully. The rest is history!

3) What is your anniversary or special day of ANY kind and what did you do on that day with your significant other?
Kev: May 14, 1997. That's when we got married.
Rubi: That would be May 14th, 1994. May 1997 is when our first child was born. But that's a common mistake that we both make. Elizabeth was born May 13th, and our anniversary is the 14th, so we always have to think for a moment to get the right date for the right event. (In a separate story, Elizabeth was 13 minutes away from being a May 14th baby. Kev kept telling me to hurry it up so her birthday wouldn't interfere with our anniversary. Like I was dragging it out because I was enjoying labor so much.)
Kev: Oops.

4) What is the nicest thing that a person that you are or have been involved with has done for you?
Kev: She married me, and continues to love me day after day!
Rubi: Stuck by me for these 11 years. Through sickness and health, through poor and poorer (snerk), through good times and bad. And even better, gave me three amazing children to share our lives with.

5) Do you have a special song or movie or place with your significant other? Describe.
Kev: I guess a special place would be where we got married: The Roofless Church in New Harmony, Indiana. We went back to New Harmony for our 5th anniversary. Lately, we haven't had time to make a trip back there.
Rubi: Like Kev said, the Roofless Church. We have GOT to get back there one of these days. It's a lousy half hour drive, I'm not sure what our problem is.

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