Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cranky rant.

There are times I just DON'T like Kev's job. See, when he first took the job, he went for a supervisor's position. Ultimately, the pay would be lower. Dispatchers make killer money, as they get paid time and a half, and in some cases, double time, for working odd hours. Kev chose the supervisor's position for the family - it offered more family friendly hours. No phones ringing in the middle of the night saying "Dude, be here in an hour, okay?", stuff like that.

Of course, as time went by, I came to realize that the supervisor's position didn't eliminate the suck hours, it just offered him more notice for the suck hours. I recently got a page-long email from him. What was it? It was his July schedule. His hours are all over the place. Lots of 12 hour shifts, and some in which he works all night, gets off at 7AM, and has to be back 8 hours later. Our family outing on July 4th is cancelled, church is out of the question some weekends, as his schedule neatly prevents him from attending the Saturday night service AND the Sunday morning services, and he narrowly missed having to work on Alexander's 5th birthday.

So the suck hours continue. The "advantage" to being a dispatcher is that of slightly more notice, as I said, and the "advantage" that I like even more. Since he's a supervisor, he's classified as salaried. Although he does get paid hourly. So when he works a 12 hour shift, they don't have to pay him overtime. He makes his regular hourly wage, while the dispatcher at the next console, who is classified as "hourly" and working the same shift as Kev, is making time and a half. I'd like to see them pull that stunt with a dispatcher. A union rep would be pounding on the door with a phalanx of lawyers and a cat-o-nine-tails before the first hour was up.

Sigh. It's frustrating to me, because I feel like Kev gets the short end of the stick here, and that makes me crazy. (Of course, I'm biased. I think he deserves an insane amount of money, 12 weeks of paid vacation a month, and a company Ferrari. He's just that awesome.) Okay, rant over, and I feel slightly better.

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