Sunday, July 10, 2005

Date night!

Rubi and I went out Friday night!
We sent the kids to my parents house and we drove to a nearby "town" to a drive-in theater.
We arrived about an hour before the first show was scheduled to start. I wanted to make sure we got a good parking place with a good view, and we planned on eating dinner there, from the concession stands.

Sure enough, we got a good parking place and had dinner. I had pizza and breadsticks, Rubi had a double cheeseburger.
Shortly before the flick started we went back to the snack bar for popcorn and Rubi also got a box of Junior Mints.
This drive-in is really cool in that the soundtrack from the movie is broadcast over a low-power FM transmitter, so you listen the movie on your car stereo (or a boombox if you're sitting outside your vehicle) - so if you have a really good car stereo system, you get a really good sounding movie.

We had our radio tuned to 90.9 FM as the signs indicated we should, but when the previews started, the sound was different. 

Oops.  I had parked in the wrong lot for the movies we wanted to see.  I started the van, threw it in gear and drove to the next lot.  We missed probably the first two minutes of the movie.

What'd we see?
We saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith followed by Batman Begins, on the same screen.
We both really enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  It was fun, funny, and Angelina Jolie was HOT!
As the credits for that rolled, we went to the concession stand and got more food. Hot dog and soft pretzel for me, soft pretzel for Rubi.

Then we watched Batman Begins. 
Rubi dozed off during Bruce Wayne's birthday party scene, but woke up again a little bit later.
Batman Begins was not a great movie in my opinion. It was just okay. I enjoyed watching Bruce Wayne's transformation into the Batman, and his not being great at it from the start - crashing into a fire escape, hanging from the train crashing into the support structures - nice.

However - I had some problems with it. First, the microwave weapon: it was not a directed energy weapon - it was a radiant energy weapon. It didn't direct it's microwave at a target, it just radiated the microwaves near the target. You can tell this because they didn't aim the weapon at the water pipes or resorvoir - they just turned it on.  As a result, all the water in the people standing around the weapon would also have been vaporized.  Couldn't handle that little mistake.

Also, when Batman was hanging from the train on the way to Wayne Enterprises, he was hanging by a cable and crashing into the support structures.  Uh... the train was also passing through various structures.  There was no way Batman's cable could have stayed connected to the train through all that.  I can suspend my disbelief only so much.

And, granted I don't read the comics and have no idea who or what Ra's Al Ghul is or where he came from - though I read something somewhere about immortality and some kind of pit.  But with a name like "Ra's Al Ghul", I would expect his origin to be some how related to Ra, the Egyptian god.  Either his name means "Al Ghul that belongs to Ra" or it means "Ra is Al Ghul".

Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate the movie. It had some great parts - I liked Rachel shooting Batman with the taser and he just stood like with a look on his face like "Really? A taser? That all ya got?"  And when the masses were on that drug and saw Batman flying overhead - that was cool.  And Rachel tasering Scarecrow and his wussy little yell/cry as the horse carried him off - nice.  There were other good parts too. 

But I don't think this is one I'll make an effort to watch again, or purchase.
We will probably rent Mr. and Mrs. Smith when it comes out - we both liked it that much. It wasn't a great movie - but it was fun and nice escapism.

Now, to find the time to see Fantastic Four...

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