Monday, July 11, 2005


Elizabeth had a soccer game last Saturday. For the past two years playing soccer, she insisted to her coaches that she was a defense player, not an offense player. She vehemently resisted playing offense, and her coaches spoiled her a bit by giving in every time. This summer, she's playing in a different league until school starts. When she informed her new coach that she didn't play offense, he smelled a learning opportunity, and stuck her on offense.

Well, she took to it like a duck to water. In Saturday's game, she kicked butt. Particularly for someone who has played offense for exactly two games. She worked SO hard getting that ball down the field. For the first three quarters, she played hard, refusing an offer from the coach to take a break one quarter playing defense. It's was horribly hot and humid, and she was roasting. At the end of the third quarter, when all the players took a quick break, she dropped to the ground and burst into tears, announcing that she didn't want to play anymore. She was SO hot and tired.

In the end, she changed her mind, and went back in on defense. Her team was doing so well, that her defense position consisted of standing there in front of the goal, watching the action at the opposite end of the field.

But I was so proud of her for sucking it up and going back in, especially since she gave it her all for the first three quarters and was hot and tired. You go, girl!

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