Monday, July 11, 2005

Kev Interviews Rubi!

Okay... so it's basically just a short meme... but here are some questions Rubi answered.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?
[Rubi] A Mom. No, seriously.

What has been your most embarassing moment?
[Rubi] Ugh. When I was a little kid (maybe first grade?), playing T-Ball. We were doing drills, in which we stood in a row, and the coach tossed the ball to each of us, and we tossed it back. He was working his way down the line, and a teammate and I were toward the end. We had the patience of, well, six year olds, and started horsing around. The teammate announced to me that her baseball glove was flavored. Cherry, or strawberry, or something. She proved it by licking it (yuck!) and making yummy noises. Not to be outdone, I did the same. Except mine had TWO flavors, on different parts of the glove, so neener neener. So we went back and forth, licking our baseball gloves and "Mmmm"-ing enthusastically. Eventually we looked up to find the entire coach and team staring at us. It was YEARS before I could think of that incident without cringing.

List one or more of your greatest accomplishments over the past year
[Rubi] The past year? Hmm. I just don't do anything that great. I'm a wife and mom, you know? I do little day to day, non-spectacular things. Cook, clean, laundry, booboo kissing. Love my darling, send him off to work, welcome him home. It's been nearly a year since I went back to work part time, but that's nothing fabulous. [shrug] I guess raising my kids. I think they're pretty neat, and I hope I've had a hand in that.

What motivates you?
[Rubi] The hope that I'm making life a little better for those around me. Gah, how lame does THAT sound? Hee. But honestly, most of what I do is motivated in some way by the desire to fulfill a need or want for my kids, or for Kev, or to improve our financial situation.

What have you read lately and were they any good? What are you reading now?
[Rubi] Just finished Janet Evanovich's Eleven On Top. I adore Stephanie Plum - she never fails to make me smile. This one was great, and I highly recommend it. I also just finished three books in Judith Pellas Daughters Of Fortune series. I also highly recommend those. Pella is Christian fiction, Evanovich is decidedly not.

Favorite Books/Movies/TV Shows/Music?
[Rubi] Favorite books? Any good, fluffy fiction. When I get the opportunity to read, I honestly want some fluff. Nothing too heavy. Not because I'm a big flake, but because I read to relax and escape. Favorite movies, the same. Give me fluff anytime. Favorite TV shows, Buffy, Angel, American Idol. See above, re: fluff. Favorite music, country, pop, contemporary Christian.

How would you describe yourself?
[Rubi] Excitable. Very outgoing and friendly. Flighty. Enthusiastic. Painfully insecure. Still trying to figure out who I am at 30.

What is your greatest weakness?
[Rubi] My insecurity. It's the basis for pretty much any bad habit I have. I just don't trust myself.

Describe some of your interests.

[Rubi] Scrapbooking. I've been doing it now for nearly eight years, and love it bunches. It's pretty much my only hobby.

How do you plan for the day/week?
[Rubi] I rely heavily on my planner. Elizabeth's got such a heavy social and activity calendar, and Kev's got such a crazy work schedule, I'd never survive without it.

How do you handle stress?
[Rubi] Unfortunately, by taking it out on those around me. If I'm stressed out, Kev and the kids usually bear the brunt of my snappishness.

Standard "your stranded on an island" question:
What three (or five) books? What three (or five) items?
[Rubi] Books: Bible. Hitchhikers Guide. (The big one containing the entire series). A big fat Creating Keepsakes special edition magazine. Items? Duh. Boat, map, sailor.

Coming soon: Rubi interviews Kev! (or, Rubi said she'd answered them if I would!)

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