Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kev's turn.

Okay, I interviewed Kev right back, and here are his answers.

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? DJ on the radio. Once I got in radio, I wanted to do more of the back-end production aspect of the job, more than the personality aspect.

List one or more of your greatest accomplishments over the past year. Past year? I could try and take credit for getting my work to get their own URL, instead of piggybacking on a different departments URL... but, even though I have been pushing for that since I became a supervisor, the credit really goes to our new director for understanding the need and pushing it through.

What have you read lately and were they any good? What are you reading now? I've been reading a lot of Star Trek fiction, mostly set after the end of the Deep Space Nine series and the movie Star Trek: Nemesis - the fiction that keeps the universe going without a current TV series. I just finished reading "To Reign in Hell", that's a Star Trek novel that takes place between the original series episode "Space Seed" and the movie "The Wrath of Khan". It's mostly about Khan's life marooned on Ceti Alpha V by Kirk and how is driven to the way he acts in "TWoK". It was an okay novel. I also just "finished" the Star Trek: New Frontier anthology of short stories. I didn't read all the short stories, as some of the characters don't interest me, or the stories themselves weren't interesting enough to read. I read maybe half of the stories.
I'm currently reading an SF novel called "Sunborn" by Gregory Benford. Haven't gotten that far into it yet to be able to tell much about it.

Favorite Books/Movies/TV Shows/Music? Books: Too many to name. Asimov's Robot/Foundation universe, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all inclusive)... Movies: Star Wars, Highlander, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Hudson Hawk, etc.
TV Shows: Stargate SG-1. Music: Queen, Christian praise/worship, certain kinds of techno/electronica. Remixes/club mixes of music.

What is your favorite restaurant? Turoni's Pizza! Gimme!

How do you plan for the day/week? I have my basic schedule on Outlook at work so I know if I'm supposed to work or not. I have big events on that calendar also, like Elizabeth's soccer games/practices, school and school events, etc. As far as other things like laundry, yard work, grocery shopping, etc., those are flexible and I get to them as time and effort permits. Certain things happen every day in a certain order that rarely change: Wake up and feed the kids. Bathe the little kids immediately after breakfast. Get cleaned up myself next if I have anything going in the morning, otherwise that can wait if it has too. After getting dressed, if nothing else is going on, I might start some laundry or load the dishwasher, or check my email, or take a nap.

How do you handle stress? Stress? What stress? Who told you I have stress! WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ALL THESE QUESTIONS?!? Stop staring at me! Oh, uh... I tend to let most stress go - it's not worth dealing with. Sometimes I'll get angry, but then get over it really quick. Reading helps me relax and escape the real world.
Standard "your stranded on an island" question: What three (or five) books? What three (or five) items? Books: Bible, Hitchhiker's Guide (all inclusive edition), and "Stranded on an Island Survival for Dummies". Items: My Gerber multi-tool, a survival shovel (the folding kind that has an axe edge and a pick end in addition to the shovel), some kind of fire starting apparatus. Working satellite phone with GPS.

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