Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mothering is fun.

Well, not always, but it's much better when you have another good mommy friend to lean on. Elizabeth got what a nurse friend eyeballed at a crop, and diagnosed as a mild case of sun poisoning. Much redness on the shoulderblades, with big bumps all over that itched like mad. Nothing serious, but annoying. Susan had a couple bottles of some Banana Boat after-sun soothing lotion, and gave me a bottle to keep putting on Elizabeth's shoulders. It made her feel lots better.

Then I got to return the favor. This morning, we were supposed to meet up at a movie. We wer taking Elizabeth, Katie, another friend April, and Katie's little sister Julia to a $1.50 kids movie. I was on my way to the theater with Elizabeth when Susan called on my cell. Susan went to brush her teeth while the girls got their shoes on to leave for the theater, and Julia picked that moment to vomit chocolate milk in Susan's bedroom, down the hall, and halfway up the stairs. There is white shag carpeting in all of those places. Ick. So Susan was clearly not going to make it to the theater. I detoured to her house, with plans to pick up all the big girls and take them to the theater while Susan dealt with Julia.

It's nice to have a friend like that, where there's no settling up. Just knowing that it all comes out in the wash. The amusing thing is trying to remember that our husbands don't really get that. Kev was taking Elizabeth over to Katie's last week when the van got a flat. Thankfully Kev realized as he was pulling out of the driveway, and pulled right back in. He told me, and I automatically picked up the phone to call Susan and let her know, so she could come over and pick Elizabeth up instead. Kev looked at me like I was nuts and told me to not bother Susan. He fiddled with the tire for a bit, then popped Elizabeth in his car and took her in that. When I called Susan to let her know that they'd be a bit late and why, she said exactly what I knew she would. "Why didn't you call me so I could come get her?" "I know, but Kev, and he didn't want to inconvenience you, and you know the drill..." "Ohhh, that." "Yep." We shared a moment of "They just don't get it, do they?" head shaking.

Similarly, I sat with Susan's hubby at one of our daughter's recent soccer games. Susan and Kev had stayed home with the younger siblings. After the game, the four of us were at the concession stand when he realized he'd misplaced his wallet. Not thinking twice, because it's what we do, I went to give Katie a couple of dollars. He wouldn't let her take it, not wanting to put me out. [shakes head] I told Susan about it later, and we had our "silly boys" moment and moved on.

Friends like that are nice.

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