Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Busy Day and what's going on

Before going to work today at 2:30 this afternoon, I have to:
-Run to the library. They have six books on hold for me.
-Run two errands for work: Go to one of the local hospitals and pick up a map of the campus from the security directory, and go the the Dept of Parks and Recreation and return a CD-ROM I borrowed from them to copy maps of all the parks. (all these maps are for us to use for Public Safety reference).
-I'd like to go Barnes&Noble - I got a $25 gift card from MyPoints, and while cleaning out my wallet, found another gift card that still had over $7 left on it (Boo-Yah!!)
-And, as I find time, I'll work on my BlogParty entry for MCF's next BlogParty, and try to find appropriate pics to go along with it.

Rubi is still feeling sick. Actually, she's feeling worse. Now, instead of just the general body aches she's had since last week - she's full blown into the flu symptoms: stuffy runny nose, sore throat, more body aches, etc.

And I'm procrastinating mowing the lawn. I mowed my parents lawn yesterday, I should mow mine soon... but that means actually getting moving in the morning before it gets too hot (which happens about 9 in the morning).

Oh well... off to bathe the yung-uns.

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