Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mommy miscellany.

I've been MIA for a while, due to an illness. After SEVENTY dollars worth of prescriptions that did exactly nothing ($70 that we most emphatically didn't have, by the way), some bloodwork, and a round of chest X-rays, I seem to be on the road to recovery. At any rate, I can sleep nights without coughing myself awake every half hour. My wonderful doctor gave me a full prescriptions worth of samples so I didn't have to fill yet another round of expensive Rx's, thank goodness. I'll hear back about the XRays and bloodwork Monday. Hopefully it's something easily fixable.

Moving on. Elizabeth started school Wednesday, and was delighted to find herself in the same class as her bestest buddy, plus a handful of other good friends. Unfortunately, Claire, another close friend, was off in another class. Ah well. Take the good with the bad, no?

More soccer drama, as well. There was an unexpected opening on Katie and Claire's team, and their moms, the coaches, suggested trying to switch Elizabeth to fill that opening. I was so, so tempted, but wound up deciding not to. Turns out Elizabeth went in the very first round of draft picks, so her current coach wouldn't be likely to give her up. Plus it's just not a very good precedent to set. If you let one kid switch to be with her friends, it's a can of worms. Eh. She's okay where she is.

I'm still job hunting. I was offered a job I wanted so badly with the local Girl Scouts office, but had to turn it down. The hours just didn't work out. Back to the resume board. Feh.

Monday kicks everything else into high gear. Elizabeth starts soccer practices Monday. She'll also start having homework three nights a week (They don't give homework the first week). I start driving two other kids to and from school every day. Kev and I are planning to go work out at the Y in the mornings after we drop her off at school. And Elizabeth will have at least one playdate scheduled weekly. I spent last week trying to get our morning routine whipped into shape - getting everyone fed, ready, and out the door in time. Next week will tell if I've got it down pat or not. [fingers crossed] The lack of being sick and exhausted should help some.

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