Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The XRays came back yesterday. Pneumonia. I explained that I didn't really have time for pneumonia, and was told that pneumonia doesn't necessarily take that into consideration. Bah. Stupid disease. The bag full of Levaquin that the Dr. gave me should knock it, though.

While I was waiting to call the doctors office yesterday, I kept to my normal routine of dropping Elizabeth and the carpool kids off at school, then heading to the Y to work out. While getting out of the van, I whacked my head on the sliding door of the minivan. Freaked out the entire staff of the Y by walking in bleeding like crazy and begging for an ice pack and towel. SO embarassing to begin with, and it went downhill from there. The manager arrived to find out what had happened, probably terrified that I was going to sue them. I explained that they were in no way responsible, and apologized for bleeding all over their pretty snow-white towels. He told me I could just keep the towels. [snicker] So while I'm sitting there bleeding, "This Is Your Life" is happening in the lobby. I swear, everyone I'd ever met came strolling through the front door, including three different people I haven't seen in years. No, really. Of course, they all had to stop and find out what had happened. Total humiliation.

When it was still bleeding three hours later, I headed for the ER to have it checked out. No stitches, but I got the tetanus shot consolation prize. Ow. Oh yeah, I also had a weirdly touchy-feely doctor. He kept rubbing my back and stroking my hair, and said that it was good I didn't need stitches, so he didn't have to cut off such pretty hair. Um, thanks?

Kev wound up calling sick in to work. I was just completely done in. I got home from the hospital at one and basically passed out for 45 minutes. I got up in time to wash the blood and neosporin from my hair, and head to school. I got my carpool kids home, then sheparded Elizabeth through homework, dinner, soccer practice, shower, packing her lunch and backpack for school, and bed. There was no way in the world I could have done all that plus handled the 3 and 5 year olds.

After Elizabeth went to bed, I tried so hard to stay up and keep Kev company, but I was beyond exhausted and ouchy. I crashed at 8:30. Because he's wonderful, Kev did the carpool thing this morning while I slept until nine. Thank goodness, I finally feel somewhat rested.

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