Sunday, September 25, 2005

Answered Prayers

We got an update from our friends in Texas! - an answer to our prayers.

Just got back into town ....everything fine. It was a Cat 5 & headed a bit north of here so there was a mandatory evacuation (ick...). We left and made it up to Ron's folks in west Texas(who are too far out for even cellular phone coverage). By the time we got there, Rita had changed course and the evacuation was rescinded for Corpus (thankfully...kinda wish it had just gone NW in the first place, but since when we left we didn't expect much left to come back to...given expected wind damage, etc...we are trying to remember to feel thankful & not annoyed by the stress & travel...we are very glad to have a home with furniture & intact windows & ESPECIALLY air conditioning since it was 102 with heat index of 117 today in Corpus).

Thank you so much for your prayers...I don't believe that Rita changed course until you guys started praying...of course the folks in east Texas may have some complaints. Please keep on praying because they are forecasting the "possibility" of two addition tropical waves, developing into storms, into hurricanes...headed for the gulf of Mexico next week.... The sooner the "fall" cool off comes the better... apparently the water is still warm enough for the storms to be Category 5's again......

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