Sunday, September 04, 2005

Book Review: The Armageddon Strain

Just finished reading "The Armageddon Strain" by Sharon K. Gilbert; Christian "supernatural" fiction set in the author's on-going series of interrelated novels called the Mytharc series.

While I don't usually like "killer-virus" stories, mostly because they usually use the virus as the actual antagonist in the story, The Armageddon Strain doesn't do that. Instead, the virus is just another tool being used by the bad guys.

This is a good book. I look forward to reading more by the author, as well as her husbands upcoming contributions to the Mytharc series. The ...method of the Mytharc series reminds me a bit of the Repairman Jack series - a series of interconnected stories building up to a "final showdown" between good and evil. The Gilberts' impending showdown is real however, whereas F. Paul Wilson's showdown is purely fictional.

In The Armageddon Strain, I especially like the fact that much of the story takes place relatively close to home in Southern Indiana - granted not in Evanspatch and Southwestern Indyucky that I call home - but close enough.

The main character, Maggie Taylor, is a nice normal perfectly human medical professor and an extremely busy person. It's nice seeing a character who's life is so hectic that she forgets she made appointments - that's a nice human touch. Most of the other characters aren't as well developed, serving supporting roles to Maggie. But that's okay - because it's Maggie's story.
Family life is portrayed very favorably, as is eating! I always enjoy reading about characters enjoying a meal at a local establishment.

Grab this book if you want a good supernatural thriller, and an exposure the war going on all around us.

88109: Armageddon StrainArmageddon Strain

By Sharon K. Gilbert / Whitaker House Publishers

After her father dies suddenly, Dr. Maggie Taylor receives a mysterious package with a message of universal doom. Confronted by a vast conspiracy to destroy the world, Maggie must discover the link between her father's dying, the deaths of two dozen other scientists---and the secret BioStrain weapon. Will she find the truth in time? 302 pages, softcover from Whitaker.

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