Sunday, September 11, 2005


Elizabeth had her first "real" soccer injury Saturday. She has gotten whacked in the face with a soccer ball every single season, to the point where we joke about it. She took her traditional ball to the face at the first practice this season, so we joked that she'd gotten that out of the way and we could move on injury free.

Not so much. She had one of those flukey collisions with another player in the second quarter and went down like a ton of bricks. The front of the other player's knee collided with the side of her knee. She was making a bigger fuss than she'd ever made over a soccer boo-boo, and her coach told me that when he went to straighten her leg to get her shinguard off, she screamed. I hadn't arrived on the scene at that point - I was trying so hard not to be overprotective mom, so I was forcing myself to stay on the bleachers. (Don't think I'm not killing myself with guilt over THAT one. She was really hurt, and I was on the bleachers chatting it up with the coaches wife. Ugh.)
She wasn't able to straighten it or put weight on it at all, so after 30 minutes of icing it down, etc., we headed off to have it looked at. It was swollen and icky looking, and she had to be carried to the car.

Anyway, we wound up at the urgent care center for X-Rays, where they found what might be a small fracture. The doctor wanted a radiologist to look at it to say one way or another for certain, so we're just hanging out waiting to see now. She's walking around normally, although it's still pretty tender to the touch, so I'm not too terribly worried.

In case you were wondering, her team lost. Icing on the cake.

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