Friday, November 04, 2005

Adventures in Surgery

Here are a few snapshots from Rubi's Adventures in Surgery!

This first one is pre-op, Rubi speaking with her mom on the phone.
"They're slicing me open a half-hour early!"

This second pic is also pre-op: "Oooh. Comfy Chair!"
This pic is post-op. When they brought Rubi to her room after Recovery and said to me "You have to wait outside while we put her in her bed."
I got to watch the door for five minutes.This is after her surgery, later that night. Elizabeth came to visit. Rubi was sore, tired, and the anesthetic made her throat hurt, so her voice was raspy.
This is lunch the following day. "Mmmm.. grilled salmon!"

This one should be a "Photo Caption Contest", it's really Rubi putting some kind of girly face-lotion stuff on her face.
It's a girl-thing. I don't understand.

This one is Rubi checking out the plant my parents sent her.
A friend told her the one with the wide leaves is practically un-killable!
(so we should have no problem caring for it!)

This is Rubi... uh, trying to guess what that is on her table without actually looking at it?

And this one... again, not really sure what Rubi is up to here... But hey! Nice flowers there, from Rubi's best friend Susan!

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