Friday, November 04, 2005

More on the Rubester

She spent most of Wednesday evening and overnight alternately sleeping, moaning in pain, and uh... barfing. Except she hadn't had anything to eat for a day, so that was rather unproductive.

Thursday morning, after they had given her anti-nausea meds and switched her over to a different pain-killer, she was starting to feel better.

She had Jell-o and chicken broth for breakfast (not together, ew! just during the same meal).
Then they told her she could start real foods.

Lunch she had grilled salmon, rice, and carrots. She devoured it!

Then, they told her she was leaving at 4:30 that afternoon. So she ordered dinner about 3:45.

(This is a pic of her ordering dinner - look how great she looks already!)

For dinner she had grilled sirloin steak, rice (again), and green beans.
Again with the devouring!

Then we went home.

Rubi's parents again kept the kids overnight so Rubi wouldn't have them bouncing on her belly.
Rubi slept most of the evening, except when we watched Smallville... and were kinda sorry we did that...
Then she slept the night, not too well cause of the soreness.

Today she's been taking it easy.

As for the biopsy: yeah, not so much. Her doctor called her late last week and said they weren't going to it (after initially saying they couldn't because of his schedule, and then saying they could). They couldn't do it because, basically, they'd just be digging around for awhile trying to find the lump. They only know about where it's at, but can't get good enough pictures of it to know exactly where to cut. They told her they'd just instead do another mammogram in six months to see if it's changed any.
Again: not so much. Rubi told them emphatically "No, you'll do it in three months." If it was important enought to butcher her last time trying to find it, take a gazillion different mammograms of it from different angles, rush a surgery date to try to biopsy, and then change their minds? No, Rubi insisted on three months (good for her!)

Then she made them mail her an appointment card so she'd remember the date, even though they don't mail appointment cards. Rubi told them they would.

Oh, I forgot to mention: one of Rubi's friends works at our church in the office, and she had wanted us to call her at work right before Rubi went into surgery. I did. Also, on Monday I had emailed our church asking them to pray for her.

When we got to the hospital to check in, Rubi had pre-op for about an hour or so. While she did that, I got to sit in the waiting room and read a book. At one point, I looked up and one of the pastors from our church was at the desk asking a question. He turned around and came over to me, introduced himself, ask how Rubi was and how I was doing, then prayed with me. That was cool.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and kept us in their thoughts while she was in surgery. We appreciate it!

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