Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mini-Review: At All Costs

At All Costs

At All Costs by David Weber, the latest in the "Honorverse" series featuring Honor Harrington: Admiral in Her Majesties Imperial Navy, first female Steadholder on the planet Grayson, empathic due to her link with her treecat Nimitz; and "the Salamander" to her enemies (among many other titles and duties).

This series reads like Tom Clancy in space.  There are the main parts of the story with Honor, parts of the story from the enemies point of view, parts of the story from other starships point of view, parts of the story from a third parties point of view, parts of the story from a player's-to-be-named-later point of view... you get the idea.

It's a twisting, complex architecture that makes up each novel, let alone the complex universe-building David Weber has undertaken in the Honorverse.  And while some of the more political passages in the novels drag - the action and character development and final payoff in the end more than make up for that - just like in Tom Clancy novels.

At All Costs is no different.  We get much changes in our protagonist this time around, not character changes, but life changes.  Things happen to Honor this time around that she'd never imagined happening to her because of her hectic life-style.

It's all for the good.


And the final battle is... huge


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