Saturday, December 31, 2005

Domesticity, yay! Also, other stuff.

I spent a good chunk of the morning being all housewife-ish. Among other things, I did scads of laundry. This included ironing Kev's shirts and handkerchiefs. All I needed was a string of pearls and an apron! The June Cleaver image was negated a bit by the Mp3 player in my pocket, blaring so loudly that Kev came over at one point, fished it out of my pocket, and turned it down while informing me that he could hear it from across the room.

Destructo-boy rides again. A few weeks ago, I flipped out over the neverending mountains of toys that the younger kids refused to pick up. When my freak-out was done, all of Alexander and Catherine's toys were gone from their rooms. A large chunk went to Goodwill. Another chunk went in the trash. The rest, stayed in my room, to be given back over time as they learned to take care of their things better. Alexander recently got back his train set. He and Catherine spent the morning constructing a railroad that traveled all over his bedroom. The thing was huge.
Today, he got back his remote control scale model Humvee. He gleefully sat on his bed and proceeded to open a can of you-know-what on that railway. That Hummer is racing around his room, demolishing every chunk of track, train, and small wooden scenery in the room. And Alexander is the happiest boy ever.
Oops, he seems to be done with the railway. Now he's going after his sister. I just had to break up a noisy fight. He had Catherine treed on the sofa while she shrieked at him to "Get that thing back in your room!" [snicker] Hard to discipline when you're trying not to laugh.

Elizabeth remains away from their noise and bickering as she prefers most times, hanging out on the girls' top bunk, visiting Narnia.

Does anyone know if you can reload a Simon gift card? Turns out it's a very handy thing to have, and I don't want to pay for a new prepaid Visa when I've already got one. Simon's FAQ isn't telling.

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