Sunday, December 11, 2005

The worst Christian witness on the planet.

Okay, maybe I'm not THAT bad, but I'm not all that great. Ugh. We took one of Elizabeth's friends, C., to church with us today. When I dropped her off at home, she announced to her mom that she wanted to be baptised. Mom, who I don't think is a Christian, looked rather uncomfortable, and there was silence all around. [cringe] So I piped up, and babbled for a few minutes about how it was something she needed to discuss with her mom, and that there were some classes our church would want her to take first. She said it again a few minutes later, and I fumbled again.

I totally blew it. There was a great opportunity to talk to her mom a bit and find out how much experience with Christianity C. has, what she knows, etc. C. has only been to church with us twice, and I think that's the only time she's been to church. She loves it, and wants to come more, but an alternating-weekend-custody thing prevents her from coming with us every weekend. I'm positive C. only is interested in Baptism at this point because of Elizabeth's recent Baptism, and because another one of their Bible study classmates was baptised today. But it was a great opening, and I feel like I dropped the ball.

Her mom and I talked more about the next time she could come with us. Next weekend is Dad's weekend, then it's Christmas, then it's Dad's weekend again, so the following weekend we can take her again. She was bummed about having to wait so long. I'm going to have to work harder at calling her mom on Fridays to let her know we can pick C. up if she wants to come.

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