Tuesday, January 03, 2006

M.C.F.A.T. Five

MCF hosts yet another Astonishing Test.

"The Mysterious Cloaked Figure's Astonishing Test kicks off the new year with it’s FIFTH edition!" And I make every effort to pass the test.

1) I’m not on DVD, and I may never be on DVD as much as you wish I was. What am I?
The Star Wars Holiday Special.

2) It’s going to be cold and gray for some months to come. There are no good movies playing. You don’t want to venture far or spend a lot of money, but sometimes the four walls of your home conspire to drive you mad and you just need to go SOMEWHERE. What do you do?
Barnes & Noble or the library for browsing.

3) If you had to give up one of your senses, which would it be?
Smell. I don't use it that much anyway what with my allergies keeping me congested most of the time anywho. I know it's been said that smell and taste go together, but it's also been said that if you lose one sense - one or more of your other senses becomes more acute.  Also, I rarely eat for the taste (unless I'm eating out) - I eat quickly just to move on with my day.

4) This sitcom will NEVER be made into a major motion picture, not in a million years. Then again, it wouldn’t be that unprecedented. What’s the WORST case scenario, from sitcom choice to casting, that you could imagine?
Killer Katering by Quentin Tarantino. Starring Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey, Uma Thurman, Raven, and the Olsen Twins.  The Olsen Twins star as the leaders of a professional hitman orginazation based in the midwest, with a catering business on the side. Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, and Raven portray the new hitters while Ben Stiller and Uma Thurman play the retired professionals training the new recruits while running the catering business.  Special Guest Stars each week as the mark. This week: Morgan Fairchild as a lower-middle class mother-of-three that knows too much about her boss at the fast-food restaurant, and Keanu Reeves as as a father-of-the-bride hiring the caterers for his daughter's wedding.

5) Now you’re a supervillain. Why? What has motivated you to use your powers for evil, what are your powers, and what are your methods and goals?
My most excellent evil laugh is reason enough for supervillainy! Muwahahahahaha!
Now! I must create a plan to take over the world and make everyone give me their cheese!
(I don't know, "cheese"? First thing that came to mind...) My super powers include "supergenius", psychokinesis, superstrength, a lifetime of martial arts training, and gadgets disguised as Easy Cheese cans.  I must use my villainy to first take over the massive cheese industry, then I'll take over the cracker industry, then the fondue chain restaurants, the macaroni factories, then I'll take over the world!  And have cheese and crackers to celebrate!
(Whoah... where did that come from?)

6) Name one artist, in any discipline, who has affected your life in some way.
Can't think of one. Sorry.

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