Wednesday, January 18, 2006


MCF is fond of testing his readers. Here are my answers to test number six.

1) As you all no doubt remember, back in October I wrote about popular bands picking up former vocalists of other popular bands. If you could choose any one band and any one singer that have never collaborated, and put them together as a new entity, who would you choose? Have fun with this one. You can mix and match styles and eras, and choose artists living or dead. You might even NAME your creation.
Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Billy Idol, Carrie Underwood, W.A. Mozart, Joss Whedon, Hector Berlioz, Ella Fitzgerald, and Wierd Al Yankovic all on vocals and whatever instruments they each can play. Everyone contributes to the song-writing. This band is frequently backed by a full orchestra.
The name: The International Cabinet of Curiosities.

2) How would you react in a hostage situation?
Depends on where I was being held hostage, how many hostage-takers there were, what kinds of weapons they had, if there were other hostages with me, if I know any of the otehr hostages, if I know where I am being held, what is around me and on my person (that could possibly be used as a weapon, a distraction, or to aid in escape) - basically, I'd have to assess the situation before deciding how I react.

3) What is your favorite board game?
Tie between Scrabble and Scene-It. UNO is my all-time favorite game, even though it's not a board game.

4) Which is worse, being buried alive or getting locked in a freezer? Include reasons and potential methods of escape.
Am I buried inside of anything (coffin, freezer, etc?), or just covered in the burying material? Is the freezer on? Is there a light-source? What else is in the freezer? Is it a chest-freezer like many people keep in their garage, or a walk-in? Does pounding on the door and sides of the freezer and yelling "help" count as an escape plan?

5) In light of the ”Draw Batgirl” meme I linked to, what other characters do you think would be appropriate for a similar meme? Hundreds of people with varying artistic abilities have rendered versions of the character. Some have been cartoonish, some amateur, and others professional. There have been countless variations and deviations, and all have been fun. I'm NOT asking for drawings(yet), so don't feel intimidated. Just name a comic character and at a later date I may choose one and invite readers to post their interpretations--and stick figures WILL be welcome.
Optimus Prime.

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