Monday, January 23, 2006


Apparently, it's been a busy first three weeks of 2006.
Or, I've haven't been creative enough to blog about anything worthwhile.
Let's see... what have I been up to?
-Working. No overtime or third-shifts yet this year. In fact, I've already had three extra days off from work. I called-in sick with the crud my first two days back to work at the beginning of the year, and I took a comp day this past Saturday for Rubi to go to her monthly scrapbooking party.
-Sleeping. Ah... finally stocked up on decongestants so I can breathe at night. Sleeping through the night is nice. Allergies are not.
-Eating. Way too many snacks.
-Driving. Here, there, everywhere to run errands. Taking kids to and from school and to cheerleading. Grocery shopping. Paying bills. Driving here and yon for who knows what. I dislike driving. I spent most of last Friday in the van, from shortly after 7 a.m. until almost 4 p.m. driving different places around town: schools, banks, bills, etc.

That about sums up my year so far: Sleeping, Eating, Working, and Driving. Although Rubi and I actually had a nice date a couple of weeks ago. My parents took all three kiddos for couple of hours, and Rubi and I went to Moe's for dinner.

On to the THINKS:

Legos are cool and fun. Robotech is awesome. Why not get them together!
And speaking of the Bible: why not that too? (found link at Artis-Divina)

Can't get enough of Star Wars from the six movies? Here's a ton more.

Macgyver would be pround of what some people do with the cool tin.

And here's an audio interview with the voice of Larry the Cucumber.

That's all for now.
Back to work I guess.

"THINKS": Term combining the words Things and Links: an assortment of images, links, games, trivia, memes, minutia, and whatnot I find while browsing and mention collectively in a blog or message-board posts.

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