Friday, January 20, 2006


Yes, I'm still here. I'm just not as good about keeping this up as Kev is.

Let me see. Work. Mommy-ing. Wife-ing. Volunteering.

Work. I have no patience for office politics. I'm bad at it because I just want to do my job, collect my check, and go home. That's why I'm there, not for the whole drama-and-trauma thing. Two days ago, though, a coworker did something really cruel to my boss, bringing her to tears. So I'm really angry on her behalf, and trying hard not to take it out on the person who did it. And the day after it happened, I found myself jumping feet first into the catty workplace gossip about this person. Yikes. Shame on me. So now I'm working hard to keep my mouth shut and my expression pleasant.

Yesterday was fun. I completely mortified my daughter by making her stand there while I pawed through the clearance bins at Victoria's secret. Snerk. She was goggle-eyed at all the tiny lacy things, and appalled when I announced to Kev that I liked this or that. Loved it.

On another Elizabeth note, she's an Upward cheerleader this year. She's having fun, and it's keeping her active while soccer's in the off-season. And oh my goodness. So, so incredibly cute. Her whole squad, in fact. Their first "halftime show" is tomorrow, and they're doing a little pom pom routine to a Jump5 song. Why yes, I'll be snapping a ton of photos. Did you even have to ask?

There are just over three months until CKC Nashville, round two. I'm traveling down with the same group as last year, hopefully with two more ladies. We reserved our hotel last weekend, and are meeting tonight to compare classes and line up our class schedules. Hurry, hurry, April 27th!

All for the moment, must shower. More later.

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