Friday, February 03, 2006


I'm so frustrated. I want to support the little guy, but sometimes they make it hard.

I moved to a brand new scrapbooking website. My previous scrapping online home was just too big and too political, and just no fun anymore. Someone I know locally is on the DT for another place, so I thought I'd try it out. I love the place, and love the people there. I want to shop there to support them.

But darn it. The place I used to hang out was great about shipping. They charged only actual shipping costs. Which seems like common sense to me. It makes me crazy to pay through the nose for shipping on something, to have it arrive in a padded envie with a 67-cent postage sticker on it. What, it's not enough I shop at your store, you have to make a huge profit on shipping and handling too? ("Handling charges" are a hot button for me. Just mail it to me, don't feel it up.) So the huge shipping charges are a turnoff for me. I have 3 LSS' here in town, so I only shop online for things that I can't get at any of them. Oftentimes, it's one small item. And I refuse to pay three times the cost of the item for shipping.

Now I've got $14 worth of gift certificates to this new place. I was all jazzed about shopping there. But it's all complicated. I've got 2 g.c.'s, but you can only use one per order. So you have to place two separate orders, and they will combine the order into one package. What do you want to bet that I will still have to pay for two orders worth of shipping. Which, in this case, will be about $12.

It's just all complicated and messy, and makes me not want to shop there. Not a good idea for a new online scrapping store trying to get up and running. There are about 17 billion of them out there - competetive policies are a definite requirement.

Rant over. Whew, I feel better.

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