Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am SO over this.

My GOSH, the water around here. All the rain we had over the last week has caused flooding everywhere. And it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. The novelty wore off pretty quickly.

Yesterday I was late picking Alexander up from school, because I didn't realize the detour would take so long. You can get to school by two different roads, and they're both flooded out.

Note: If you're in Evansville, I'm talking about Christian Fellowship Church. Instead of just going up Oak Hill to Millersburg and straight to the church, you take Oak Hill to Millersburg, turn on that little side street, go all the way up to Kansas, to Greenriver, then back to Millersburg from the other side, THEN you can get to the church. And you can't just go up Greenriver in the first place because it's flooded out too, just south of Millersburg.

It also interfered with my getting to work the other day. I don't know where all the houses are yet, so I meet my boss at her house, then follow her to the houses that we clean. Earlier this week, she led me straight into a flooded out road. We couldn't turn around because the road was so narrow, with ditches full of water on either side. Luckily, it was shallow enough where we could see the yellow line in the center, so we ventured through. Otherwise we would have had to throw it in reverse for about a half mile. Yeesh. Dry OUT already, Evansville.

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