Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sheesh - All my posts lately are from MCF...

MCF has another Astonishing Test, this one is volume 9:

1) From any current television series, who is the last character you'd want to see killed off? Who's the first?

Last character: there are many. Homer Simpson. Sam Carter from SG1, Laura Roselyn from BSG, the Scottish doctor-guy from SGA (really, any of the main scientist/doctor characters), Janet Frasier from SG1 - oh wait, they killed her a few seasons ago (those are the only shows I watch... and it's been years since I've watched the Simpsons).

First: Tigh from BSG. Tigh's wife from BSG. Ooh! Lana on Smallville (thanks Kelly). Tigh from BSG. ... really, all of the cast of Smallville except for Chloe and Ma Kent. (I forgot that I try to watch Smallville). Did I mention Tigh from BSG?

2) What are the best and worst finanacial investments a person could make?

Best: private Christian school for your kids.
Worst: a fixer-upper home on a not-being-able-fixer-up income, a rainbow vacuum cleaner, a used truck too good to be true when the car you have is fine, eating out way too much.

3) Think of the worst superpower you could have, either from an existing character or one you make up, and explain how you would learn to live with it.

Existing superpower: Running fast. I hate to run. But I guess if that were my superpower, it'd be pretty easy to adjust. But I'd rather teleport.
Made-up superpower: okay, I can think of a bunch of gross ones. I won't go there.

4) What's the worst dating experience you've ever had?

Being 15 and at a store with my older sister (by nine years) and her infant son and having some old geezer ask us how long we had been married.
Wait, that wasn't a date.
I can't think of any bad experiences Rubi and I have had together - she's the only person I really dated (before and after marriage). I went on a handful of "dates" before Rubi, but most were really just two guys and two girls spending time together - Anna and I weren't really "dates".
Oh, I remember another one: When I was in highschool and working at Little Caesars Pizza, there was this hot girl who I asked out twice. She said yes twice and stood me up both times. I took the hint.

5) Would you ever appear on television? In what capacity? Sitcom star? Dramatic actor? Talk or game show host? Reality contestant?
I was on television tonight. Interviewed during the local news weather segment live from my place of work about severe weather. I will be again Friday evening during the weather segment. And they taped an interview to air during a severe weather special program that will air later this week.
I've been on TV in various ways most of my life. When I was very young, between 5 and 8 (I can't remember exactly) I was interviewed on a local program about either attending my church or attending my (private Christian) school. A few years later I was interviewed about attending my school again.
In high school I and a couple of classmates were interviewed about taking part in the high-school Radio Broadcasting class.
In college, I took a TV production class and had to make a commercial, a music video, and a talk-show segment. In college I worked for a PBS TV station (not to mention many radio stations) as master control for both their main broadcast station and their two cable stations.
Since working at my current job I've been interviewed on TV (not to mention radio) several times about the work we do, and most likely will be again.
I've never done any acting on TV. I could be a game show host. Wouldn't want to be a talk-show host. I'd rather be the guy in the back doing the editing and sound mixing and post-production.

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