Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quick Meme from MCF

MCF posts a quick meme; and here are my responses to "Would You Ever":
...jump out of an airplane? Maybe.

...go bungie-jumping? Abso-friggin-lutely not.

...alter history? I believe I am altering history every day. to a space station?  Sure.

...eliminate a child certain to be the world's next evil tyrant? Maybe. broccoli?  ...yes. I don't like broccoli, but my mom-in-law makes a mean broccoli cauliflower and cheese casserole.

...battle crime as a vigilante?  Maybe.

...choose death over becoming a zombie? Uh, yeah. Zombies are just reanimated dead. They have no soul. I'd much rather be spending eternity with Jesus.

...swim in the Winter? In a heated indoor pool, sure. a house by yourself?  Nope.

...become a fire fighter or police officer? Abso-friggin-lutely not. I work with them everyday. I know what they have to do. I could not do their jobs. And most of them couldn't do my job.

...climb a mountain?  If there was a point to it beyond just climbing, then yes. for public office? Maybe. But I abhor politics, so the motivation would have to be really good.

...shave your head? Maybe. It would solve that problem of needing haircuts every two weeks.

...shave everything?  You mean like the sofa, and the floor, and the dog, and the neighbor, and the... ?? sushi?  hmm... Rubi has had sushi that consisted mostly of cooked lobster and rice... that doesn't seem so bad. But most of the sushi she eats I wouldn't touch.

...give up the computer for 40 days? Can't. I use multiple computers at work everyday.

...give anything up for 40 days? Sure. I haven't had a haircut for about 2 months now...

...go on a blind date? I don't think Rubi would appreciate that.

...pierce something other than an earlobe? I wouldn't even pierce an earlobe.

...wait on line for two or more hours for anything? Stand in line for something for two or more hours. Probably. That something would have to be really good.

...hang glide?  Oh yeah! Rubi and I would love to do that someday!

...cut off one of your own limbs to survive?  I'd have to be in the situation to make that call. Sitting at my computer I'd say a resounding "no". But...

...change careers? Been there. Done that. Have the tshirts, polo shirts, and free CDs to prove it. in a hospital?  Depends on the job. Anything medical, No. A dispatcher for security or a phone bank person, sure. aboard a submarine?  Oh yeah! That'd be cool!

...cheat on your taxes?  Maybe.

...cheat on a loved one?  Only during board games.

...feast on an exotic animal?  What kind of animal?

...devour insects and other gross things for a chance to win money? I can't even look at most bugs without getting the creepy-crawlies. That would be a resounding "NO!!! NEVER" your life savings? I can honestly say Never.

...get a tattoo?  Never.

...fight in a war? I believe we're fighting in a spiritual war every day of our lives against the forces of the Fallen Angels as they try to steal our souls away from our Creator God.

...say “never”? See several of the answers of above.
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