Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Kev's fear of being Dooced is the only thing that's kept me from a furious rant on this blog for the past week or so. Shutting up now.

My hours at work were cut as of today, because my boss is having to tighten the purse strings big time. I understand. While there are lots of upsides to working for a small family business, this is one of the downsides. Cash flow is an issue more often. My boss was great about it. We sat in his office for about a half hour talking about how to work out my new schedule. He really needs me to drop from 5 days a week to 2-3 right away. But so as not to shock my family budget too badly, he's just dropping me to four days until April, then I'll drop down to 2-3.

I'm bummed about the money thing, and looking to pick up some hours at one of the kids schools. (That would be great, because I think there's a tuition break involved at either school for employees) But I'm trying to stay positive and enjoy to the hilt my return to mothering during the day. Field trips, volunteering at the school, whee! Love!

Can we talk about Idol? Because I'm obsessed. Mandisa is wonderful, amazing, classy, beautiful, everything wonderful. I would absolutely love to see her go all the way.

Off to watch Idol, and clean house during commercials.

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