Friday, March 10, 2006

Whoo! And other things.

Well, I found a new job within hours. Quit my old job via a phone call. That's not as bad as it sounds. My old boss and I had a frank, friendly talk, during which I asked him upfront if my position did or did not need to be eliminated over time. He confirmed that. It was very kind of him to keep me on because he knew we needed the money. But he just flat couldn't afford me any more, and he really needed to let me go, kindness or no.
That job is all gone, no bridges burned, everyone involved was happy.

So. New job. I called a friend to ask her about a job opening I'd heard about a while back. That job was taken, but she had another suggestion for me. On her advice, I talked to Tammy, a mutual friend of ours. Tammy owns a small housecleaning company. As it turns out, Tammy has been praying for a new employee. I approached her Friday, and started working for her Monday morning. We were an answer to one another's prayers.

I worked this week, and we've had more fun than anyone should be allowed to have while they're cleaning a house.

Other stuff? I missed American Idol Thursday night, so I had to consult to find out who went home. BTW, the REASON I missed American Idol Thursday is a whole separate post, ranting hysterically about the incompetence of whatever drunken chimpanzee compiles the local TV listings. With a sub-rant about college basketball and pre-empting. Ahem. Anyway, Will Makar went home before Kevin Covais? They were both riding solely on the cute factor at this point, granted. But Will Makar before Kevin Covais? I mean...Kevin is...well, I'm not entirely sure he's even been BORN yet, he's so young and wee. And Will Makar is incredibly adorable. And has the added attraction of not still being a fetus.

On a positive note, Mandisa was everything amazing and wonderful. Again. Isn't she just the coolest? If there's any justice, she and Chris Daughtry will be our top two.

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