Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rainy Day Rainbow

It's been overcast all day, and has pretty much rained all day with some thunderstorms and strong winds thrown in to boot. Lots of Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings, and Tornado Watches and Warnings around the area.
This afternoon, Rubi was coming from a friends house and called me from her cell. She said "Grab Alexander and run outside! There's a double rainbow in the East!"
I grabbed Alexander ran outside. It was sprinkling, but very a very pleasant temperature. The sun was setting in the West and turned the sky about a third of the sky a weird bright yellow. I've never seen a sky that color before.
And to the East, against a backdrop of dark gray storm clouds was a bright rainbow stretching from horizon to horizon, and about a degree above it was another very faint rainbow - almost an afterimage of the first it was so ephemeral.
I dropped Alexander back inside and grabbed the camera and took a few pics.
It's hard enough to see the double rainbow on the full-size version of this pic, you probably can't see it all on this reduced image - but for your viewing pleasure, I present:

The March 9, 2006 Rainbow

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