Monday, April 17, 2006

Back From Indy

After spending all of last week in Indy, I got home Friday evening ready to never attend a 5-day conference ever again! Don't get me wrong - most of the material covered was great and very useful, but sheesh - five days!

Six if you count my travel day last Sunday.

Most of the speakers provided print-outs of their power point presentations - just the slides - however one guy actually provided a CD with all - ALL - of his material: several power point presentations, audio files, pictures, various other documents.  Wow!

Oh and did I mention I got sick while I was there. Nothing serious - it was either a cold or really bad sinusitis. I woke, I think it was Tuesday, feeling kinda cruddy. Same thing Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I felt a little worse, but I was getting to go home that evening, so: No big!  Saturday (you know, my first day Home!) I felt like death warmed over. Sunday (yesterday): all better!

Interestingly, Rubi had it too. She got over it a day before I did though.

And I'm still too busy to do any worthwhile blogging, let alone any fun internet browsing or worthwhile email reading or forum posting/browsing.  Good thing I don't have any books to review right now...

Okay... apparently the title of this post should have been "Here, let me whine for awhile".

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