Wednesday, April 05, 2006

M.C.F.A.T. Eleven

MCF hosts volume eleven of his astonishing tests!

1) A recent study shows that "prayer doesn't help patients recover from surgery." What are your thoughts on prayer and its effect on illness and suffering?

We spoke of this at our small group the other night. The consensus was "God doesn't participate in surveys".
The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing and to bring everything, through prayer and petition, to God through Jesus Christ - Prayer is important. But God has plans and can see the big picture, so we may not always pray for the correct things or results. It would be nice if we could pray like we knew what God knows (someone said this to Rubi recently).

2) If you were turned into a cartoon animal, what animal would you be, what wacky name would you have, and what would be your distinguishing characteristics?

Squirrel!! Can I be a squirrel? I wanna be a squirrel! Scampering around the yard all cute and fuzzy and scampery!
I probably wouldn't have a wacky name. Oooh! But I could be some kind of highly intelligent squirrel that lives in a library and is like a Watcher, but on his off hours gets to scamper about all squirrelly! That'd be me! I'd wear reading glasses that fall down on my nose when I'm reading - maybe I'd be a bit crazy. I'd have a nice comfy easy chair in my library. And I'd like to go scampering in my spare time! I could be like a cross between Fizban, Giles, and a squirrel!

3) What was your worst encounter with nature?

There was this squirrel....
Okay, not really.
I stepped on a bee once when I was young. I get sunburned easily.
Big snow storm of Christmas 2004 damaged our house nicely... That'd probably be the one.

4) What do you miss the most about the place you're originally from or, if you've never left, what things have kept you there?

I've always lived in this city. Most of my entire family is here, most of Rubi's entire family is here. It's got it's nice things that keep me here, and it's got the things that make me want to leave (power company has a monopoly, the state capitol doesn't remember that we're actually part of the state - hey! I think this could lead into another post!).

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